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How It Works

Thank you for considering Grand Capital Partners for your working capital needs.
We have helped thousands of businesses secure over $200 million dollars in working capital. We tailor our financial products to your specific industry needs. Whether your needs are expansion, renovation, payroll, equipment, inventory, marketing/advertising, seasonal expenses, or financial emergencies, we strive to provide quality financial solutions at competitive prices to find the best value for our clients.

What can you expect?

Funding ranging from $2,500 to $250,000

Our goal at Grand Capital Partners is to help businesses thrive and provide them with access to quick working capital when traditional business loans are not a viable solution. Grand Capital Partners can help you access business capital loans and/or merchant cash advances, and we strive to make it easy for your business to access capital, whatever your needs are. Single location businesses can receive from $2,500 up to $150,000, meanwhile multi-location businesses can qualify for up to $250,000 in funding. Terms vary from 4 to 24 month agreements.

Requirements for Qualification

If you meet the following criteria, hit the 'Get Cash Now' button to quickly and effortlessly send us your application. If you don't fully meet the below qualifications, schedule a call with one of our trusted advisors and we will work together with you and our partners to find the best possible solution for your business.

6 Months


500 +


-3 / per month


Minimum $10,000


United States



Solutions for businesses with little or no credit card sales

A REVENUE BASED ADVANCE is an ideal solution for funding manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors. Very similar to a Merchant Cash Advance, this product is not a loan but the purchase of future receivables. Revenue Based Advance funding is based on the deposits within the business operating accounts, yielding repayments made by an ACH debit.

A Revenue Based Advance funding solution enables businesses to turn their future sales into cash instantly. Funds can be utilized in various ways, such as hiring personnel, marketing/advertising, purchasing inventory, making renovations, or just as working capital.


Ideal for short term business financing

PURCHASE ORDER FINANCING (or PO Funding) is a short-term commercial financing option that provides capital to pay suppliers upfront so your company doesn’t have to deplete cash reserves.

With a purchase order financing option, suppliers are paid directly, most commonly, via a letter of credit. Businesses fulfill orders, and the proceeds arrive once shipments are received. Usually, a business can get up to 75% of the money needed to produce the product. 100% is also possible.


Cash advance against future receivables

A FACTORING RECIEVABLE is a type of cash advance that is provided to businesses against future receivables.

This is a great solution for those business that require funds immediately, however the interest rates are usually higher for Factoring Receivables than for normal merchant cash advance loans. Typically about 90% of receivables can be funded using this method.


Ideal for businesses that need funding for equipment

Businesses often need to renew their equipment and production lines in order to continue functioning and growing at an optimal level, but do not always have the financial means instantly available to make these purchases.

Equipment Leasing will allow your business to receive the much needed funding for the equipment that your business needs today! so your business can generate profits without interruptions.


Suitable cash advances for contractors and subcontractors

For contractors and subcontractors, gaining access to working capital in time is crucial for business.

Progress Payments give businesses access to capital in order to pay contractors, all the while ensuring that projects continue to move forward.